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Corsair h80i fan control without corsair link?


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New to the forums and want to verify something.


In the process of building the pc in my pc specs above and want to check if the fans on a h80i can be controlled without corsair link or will they run at 100%.


I know at the moment corsair link is not working with windows 8.1 and am also aware that the fans on a h80i sound like a jet engine at 100%.


Can the fans be plugged into the motherboard and controlled through that or will they run at full speed all the time?


Thanks :)

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you can plug the fans into your m/b and can be controlled by m/b software or you can instead use a 3rd party controller...


Thank you, sorry if that was a dumb question but i heard 3 pin fans cant be controlled. Just found this info which cleared it up-



"No they will be controlled just fine, The 4th pin is for PWM.


PWM (Pulse width modulation) Is the ability to adjust the rotation speed on the fly without changing the input voltage delivered to the cooling fan.


Your motherboard will be able to control them with voltage"

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