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Vengeance C70 Vintage Nuclear test facility mod

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Hey guys,


thought I´d share the build process of my virgin Hackintosh project, so here are a few pics and a bit of info.

I knew I wanted something different from my Mac Pro, but every case I found seemed like a cheap knock-off or had zero charisma whatsoever.


After a loooong search, I finally fell in love with a case for my project; the Corsair Vengeance C70 Army Green. As you know it´s a military themed case to begin with, but as I began to unpack the ingredients for my build, I got more and more displeased with the standard look. I felt the case deserved something more.

Since I just didn´t have the time to spend weeks on a custom mod, I pulled out my paints and SFX materials to give it a quick overhaul. No new parts or radical changes on the case itself; just a paint job and a few effects.

Since I am addicted to zombies and old, weathered materials I knew it had to look old and rusty.

Probably like something from a secret military nuclear test facility.


The build itself is by NO stretch of the imagination an attempt to compete with the really cool modders out there. I just wanted to get a more personal look in a minimal amount of time.


The effect process is pretty simple:

1) I spray a coat of brown on most of the area

2) Dip a yarn/string-like material into gold, black and copper colors

3) Apply unevenly, smudge a bit, let it dry - repeat if necessary


I also cut out a radiation warning symbol out of a piece of acrylic.

To give it a bit more eerie look, I installed red "Christmas lights" inside along with 3 CoolerMaster 120mm red LED coolers. Sadly, the coolers don´t give off very much light, so not much effect there, I´m afraid.


I have placed the whole thing on a weathered piece of wood and mounted wheels and a handle. Makes it easier to move from under my desk, and also makes it less sensitive to dust from the floor.


I´ll be adding a few more details soon, including a fan controller and new wiring. The standard wiring is VERY rigid, especially when mounting the SSDs and other HDs.



• Gigabyte Z87X-OC motherboard

• Intel i7 4770K

• Gigabyte/NVIDIA GTX 780 OC GPU


• 32 GB ram

• 2 x SSD HDD

• 4 x HDD totalling 3 TB

• 6 fans (too many considering the machine is like a fridge letting out coooold air).








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