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F120 SSD freezes bios for 30s and is not recognized


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Hi all,


I have a F120 SSD since almost 3 years, and I've experienced troubles with it. Three times, after hibernate mode exit on my Dell Precision laptop, the SSD data was totally flushed. Thanks to backups, I could manage that.


But two days ago, after hibernate mode exit, the computer crashed, and now the F120 is not recognized anymore by the computer. On startup, BIOS freezes during 30s on DELL splash screen, and 20 more seconds on boot drive detection, to finally fail.


On three other computers, the BIOS freezes and after windows startup (on other hard drive) the F120 is not detected on disk manager.


I read something about SSD controller "panic" mode could generate this kind of behaviour, but only a RMA seems to be an option. It might be possible for the technical support to do a low level upgrade of the drive's firmware and get back the SSD to life.


My question is: Is it possible to backup the data stored on the drive, before or after firmware upgrade?


I have important data on it and unfortunatly no recent backup... :(:



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Thanks Toasted.


I tried with three other computers :

- the same of my usual laptop

- a DELL computer with different BIOS

- a computer with an ASUS motherboard


I get exactly the same behaviour on them. BIOS freezes during HDD detection, and after windows startup, the disk didn't appear in drive manager. Seems that the SSD communicate a little bit more than no drive at all, but didn't want to speak with the BIOS.

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