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Vengeance Memory Size Register Issue


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well first off you need to make sure your BIOS is the latest offered, then try 1 stick in each slot just to see if any individual slot changes the reported capacity.

also it does not appear you bought a matched set, this can be an issue as well, are the versions the same? are the lot numbers close enough they could have come from the same batch?

could be a bent pin under the CPU, how heavy is your heatsink?

there are many factors that can cause this, normally i would suggest you turn off memory remapping in the bios but to be missing half the capacity it sounds like there is something else wrong here.

can you please reset the bios to defaults, try one stick and post the spd and mem tabs of CPU-Z please.


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Hi Synthohol,


Many thanks for your response. The issue has now been solved. The problem was not the memory, the problem was a big gormless beggar (i.e., me), not knowing his **** from his elbow! I was sold a kit of memory, equalling 2 sticks of 4GBs. What threw me was the labelling on the sticks, each one stating 8GB (2 x 4GB). I misinterpreted this as meaning each stick was 8GB. My humble apologies. Think I will go back to using the earliest form of computer...the abacus!



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