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Will warranty be void?


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Hello, i posses a H100 for a year now. Yesterday i cleaned my pc and did a recable management so i had to unplug everything. When i plugged it all together i had a problem with the H100 molex. When i plugged it in the 2 pins it has got pushed from the back side of the molex plastic...... I tried to put them back in but again when i tried to connect it to the PSU molex they got pushed again so i think i did something stupid..... i used very very very little super glue at the back of the molex and the bottom of pins to make them stay in the plastic and i think that might have damaged them cause they look a bit "hit" after i tried to push them back into the PSU molex.


If i change the 2 pins of the h100 molex (cause i think they are damaged because my pump doesnt light up at all so its not working) will it remove my warranty? :( I didnt wanted to send it all the way to some country now close to Christmas, i would have had it back probably next year, and i need my pc :(.....

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