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Vengenance 2000 - Is it broken ?


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Morning all!


Had my headset for just over 6 months and with the exception of having to discharge and then recharge due to the permanent blue light issue all has been great. Until now.


Turned PC on, push power button on headphones and get the flash of blue light to indicate power then nothing. When powered up i believe the blue indicator will blink every 2 seconds or so. Mine does not. The only time it lights up is when pressing the power button.


Power indicator whilst charge cable is in is green.


I've tried 2 different cables.


Re-paired device with USB stick


Re-installed driver software


The headset is showing up in sound options, but it just doesn't want to stay powered on. Assume this is an RMA job. Bit annoying really as with Christmas post this could take some time and be expensive for me.


running windows 8.1. & tried beta drivers


May i have your thoughts and suggestions!



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advanced would mean they charge a credit card for the price of the headset and refund it when they receive the broken one back.


as said i have no idea if they still do this..


a person from corsair should be able to let you know for sure.


no,they dont charge your credit card until AFTER the return period has lapsed without receiving the defective item,which is usually 30 days...

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I'm in the UK!!!!!


Are you telling me i have to contact the USA to arrange to RMA ship my broken headphones from England!?


Please tell me this is some kind of mistake / Christmas joke!!!!:eek:


I would love an advanced RMA but inst there somewhere i England this can be arranged with?

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I'm sorry but our support is located in the USA, and we don't have an RMA depot in the UK.


You selected a standard RMA for your ticket. You'd either need to call customer service to have it upgraded, or you can create a new ticket and select Express RMA.

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Advanced RMA put through and approved.


So I assume I will be sent a new set of headphones straight away and once received I post my faulty set.


Does a new set come from the US or is that from a geographically more local Corsair hub??

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RMA ref: 6317370


n Tuesday 17th I received an email to confirm the express RMA had been processed and I paid the $50 holding charge.


The email said RMA processed and will be shipped within 1 business day and that I would receive a shipping confirmation email.


To date, I have received nothing further. My headphones are not working and im left unable to play games, listen to music etc etc.


I had thought this was getting sorted noting Technobeards involvement but I guess customer service has fallen over with Christmas now 5 days away.


Can anything be done to resolve this? :stickpoke

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RMA shipping email received yesterday and today a shiny new pair of Vengeance 2100 headphones have arrived!


Despite my initial gripes, the process hasn't been too bad, a bit more communication would have been appreciated.


Thanks Corsair!

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