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K70 with mx brown - enter key wobbly and skewer-ish


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sorry at first: english is not my first language and while i believe me to be quiet fluent in it i'm not sure if the term "skewer-ish" which i used in the the thread title is actually correct. i will use "skewer" in my following problem description, and i hope that if it isn't the right word someone will correct me and tell me the right one. what i mean with "skewer" is, that due to a misalignment during motion , a moving part temporarily get's slightly stuck - which in case of this keyboard disrupts the linear feeling i experience from most of the other keys.


i got my k70 today. it's my first mechanical keyboard and so far i luv it. i read that you have to get used to them but it took me barely half an hour appreciate it.

only proplem i have is the enter key. at first it sometimes got completely stuck after hitting it, and took a quarter to half a second to return to it's resting position. after some use this problem disappeared but what remained is that if i hit the enter key in its upper right corner that it skewers slightly. that behaviour isn't consinstent. sometimes it skewers sometimes it doesn't but what is consistent, is that it just doesnt feel "right". if i hit the the enter key in the center to lower part everythings perfect, but if i hit it in the upper right i seriously (!!!!) get goosebumps. it completely messes up my work(type)flow.


so i removed the entey key and it turns out it's stabilizers (above and beyond the actual switch) have what i would call an enormous sideways degree of freedom and i don't wonder anymore that it behaves like this - but i seriously wonder is the behaviour i experience is normal? i mean that keyboard wasn't cheap. it certainly is the most expensive keyboard i ever purchased.


so now i would like to know:

*what happens when you press the enter key in the upper right corner?

*if this isn't normal behaviour do i have to file for an rma or can i just replace the stabilizers myself (without voiding warranty!)?

*do i need to learn to live with - what i would call - a wobbly/skewery enter key if i want to use a mechanical keyboard

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This isn't normal.


I would contact your seller and ask if they can replace it for you first as that would be the fastest way to replace the keyboard.


it got better in the meantime (or maybe i got used to it ^^). man i really love this keyboard now. i'm a cat owner and i just cleaned it by sliding a credit card between the key banks and tilting it once :D


EDIT: okay this is no joke - right the second after i posted this one of my leds died :(

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