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'On Hold' for almost a week. #100104303


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ordered a k70 with the US layout, last weekend and it's still on hold.


I wanted to check if anyone could tell me when it's going out?


Also, where will it be shipped from, the EU or the US? I/we currently live in Germany.


Thanks in advance!

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Okay, so, after trying to get information through Live Support yesterday, with absolutely no avail, then, today my friends order seems to be canceled.


What the hell is going on, we wait a week with no information, just to get it canceled with no information?



Edit: My friend ordered it for me, I sent him money via Paypal and he used his CC to buy it. Could this be the problem? If so, can I/we get con contact with someone to get this sorted out? Still no reply on the ticket.

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Screw it completely.


Buying a keyboard from a different company. With this speed of processing things, I'll be lucky if I have it by February, if even. Customer service simply doesn't give a ****.


Bummed out, because I really wanted a K70.

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