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K70 randomly not registering input


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Hi, I've had this k70 board for a week now, and for the most part I love it. There is however one small issue.


Periodically throughout the day, I'll notice that one of my key presses wont be received by my computer. This usually seems to happen when I'm already holding down a key. For example, I'll be holding down arrow, then while holding down arrow, press left, or right, and it won't receive the input unless I let go of the down arrow key.


I know it sounds really minor but I'd like to fix this as I play precision based games often and something like this could compromise a good run.


Things I've done so far:

Firmware update

Change USB slot(Keeping in mind this hasn't happened with my old rubberdome keyboard)

Changing the compatibility switch values in the back.


It doesn't happen often. Can't reproduce the issue on a whim, so it's hard to test. Maybe like once per hour.


I'm out of ideas. If anyone has some suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Okay, I updated all my drivers, cleaned up old devices in the device manager, flashed my BIOS, and even got a replacement k70 and it's STILL happening. I'm out of ideas, anyone have anything?


I really doubt it's a defect with the keyboard now that I got it replaced and am having the same issue. I know someone who has this board and doesn't have issues playing the same game that I do. So maybe it's some software, I'd like to hear some ideas before I reformat if anyone has some though.

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