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RAM voltages 1.65 or 1.5v


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I'm putting together a new build. A friend gave me some Corasir RAM, an unopened package of 2 4GB sticks, CMX8GX3M2A1600C9.


I haven't decided on which MB to go with, but will be using a current 4th gen i5 processor. They all want to run with 1.5v RAM, and this is 1.65v.

IIRC the 1.5v can go to 1.575. The package says it's compatible with i7 and i5 processors.


Can I use it? Does it depend on the MB? Can I use it without overclocking?

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You can use it without no problem, however, be advised that memories with lower speeds (below 1866MHz) and higher voltage needs (above 1.5v) are manufactured from lower quality memory chips.

To be able to run this module on its rated speed, you need to set the voltage to v1.65, which increases heat generation for both the CPU and the modules. You can experiment with lower voltages by increasing the timings or using the memory on 1333MHz.

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