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Firmware Update Won't Work


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I have a Corsair 120GB Neutron GTX SSD running Windows 8.1 Pro. I downloaded and installed Corsair SSD Toolbox and it says I have firmware version M310 and that there is an firmware update. I click the firmware update button and it says downloading and then 20 seconds later says update failed. I disabled my antivirus and anti spyware programs and it still fails. Any ideas why? Thanks.
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Search for Device Manager and click on it

then a window will show, look for IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and expand it by clicking on it

Now you will have something like Intel® ......... SATA AHCI controler


Choose Update driver software

Chose Browse my computer for driver software

Chose Let me pick from a list .....

And now you will see something like Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA controller.

Select this one and then click Next

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Ok..Here I am 3 years later and just downloaded the newest toolbox. It says has a firmware update of version 311.....I already have that version.....this happened 3 years ago as well. I have it do the update for the hell of it and says successful. I turn off machine and then back on 2 min later and it's still 311. Yes I changed to the standard adapter in device manager first. Any ideas?
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