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corsair headset setup software. vengeance 2100

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Hello i recently bought the corsair vengeance 2100 and it works just fine:) but the corsair headset setup software program that i have on my computer is not working, i cant do anything not even uninstall it. When i try to reinstall i get to choose frome 3options repair, ,remove and something else. I can only press remove And when i do that its start to remove the program but after a few seconds it closes and nothing has happend. And sometimes a message comes uppan it says something about i need to modify my system bla bla bla. . I have Windows 8.1
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Sorry to necropost. I seem to be having the same exact problem. Remove does not work, nor does removing it from the "Programs and Features" menu of the control panel. I too have no option to reinstall or repair.


Is it possible that I need to manually add the files back? If so, can someone who uses the H2100 post a zip of their "C:\Program Files (x86)\corsair\Corsair Gaming Headset Software\" directory so I can give this a try? My only other option seems to be a reinstall of Windows. I really want to avoid that if possible, but I will not hesitate if that is the only option.


Thank you in advance.

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That's not a necropost... this is.


And I don't know if anybody is around but...

I have an old Vengeance 2100 that still runs ok bar the battery life not being what it was (it got used from not long after release until late 2016 and not much since but I just dug it out)

Anyway, still worthy and having just bought a new PC and peripherals I've no cash for a modern peer (which would still be a decent chunk of cash) want to use it but can't find the software anywhere.


Anybody know anything that could help?

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