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Corsair Air app on IOS - update soon?


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I'm shopping for a wireless storage device and Corsair Voyager is top of my list compared to Seagate and the others. But it seems Corsair app is lacking compared to Seagate's offering. The Seagate's app looks - for the lack of better words - seem friendlier. Corsair's app is more capable but looks very unfriendly. I often let my kids use the video app on my IOS device and they just select the video and play - that's it. On the Corsair you select the video by name and then select either play or play with. I understand this apps is very capable and can do a lot of things but it's just seem not as easy to use. Do you have any plan of updating the app so it is more media player like? For example, have thumbnails of pictures & video, and tuck the settings somewhere else?
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