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Hydro H100i: profiles, Linux and compability


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Hello there,


I think I'd like to buy a Corsair H100i for my system soon but there persist a few questions that my research on the internet couldn't clear up completely.


Those are the following:


1. Haswell and Windows 8.1 compability of the Software: Somewhere on the internet I read that it was a problem once. But it isn't anymore, right?


2. I read pretty many customer reviews that said that the pump didn't sit tight enough on the CPU and they had to add some washers to make it work. Is this a known issue or due to wrong installation? It wouldn't be too bad, I just would have to get the right washers.


3. Both, pump and fans are controllable via the Link software, right? I also read some people claim that the pump speed can not be controlled.


4. Concerning operating systems that are not supported by the Link software: Will my settings though persist? E.g. if I set my pump and fan speed to a lower value than default in the Link software under Windows, will those settings persist when I boot my Linux? This would be pretty important to me, because I don't want to have everything running on fullspeed when working under Linux, because I really need silence when working and I'm working on the computer basically all the time (doing my masters in computer science). The same issue is of importance in the case that one upgrades one's system to a newer version that is not yet supported by the Link software. Would be nice if still everything kept working as previously set.


I hope my questions are not too redundant, but for those things I couldn't find satisfying answers during my search here in the forum. I hope someone can clarify those for me.


Thanks and best regards


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1) not sure about the haswell part but as for the 8.1 part its due to Microsoft changing the way that usb drivers are used.


2) the motherboard is slimmer then standard so they don't sit perfectly.


3) pump is not controllable and should be 2k-2.3k in rpms.


4) The profiles are stored on the h100i itself so any changes that are made to the profile from windows will be used in any OS or even if the H100i is removed from the usb header. Not sure if corsair link will work in wine though ( never bothered to try when I was messing around with Linux )

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Thank you for your reply!


3) pump is not controllable and should be 2k-2.3k in rpms.


Oh, that's a little bit disappointing. I thought it's possible to set an RPM divider for the pump, like can be seen in this review on the fourth image:




Or am I interpreting this wrong?

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