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Corsair Force GS 360GB firmware 5.20 with serious error


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I've got a Corsair Force GS 360GB with 5.20 factory firmware. On my asus mb Z87-c (varios bios version) it disappears from bios(!) each time the computer is restarted.

Another Corsair Force GS 360GB with 5.20 factory firmware disappears from bios each time the computer is soft restarted too.


I want to downgrade firmware from 5.20 to 5.05

Toolbox says there are no newer versions.


Btw, there is a thread that says revision history for all models, i dont see anything about 5.20 there. :!: Last firmware version is 5.05a


And I've got a two Corsair Force GS 360GB with 5.05 factory firmware. All works fine!!! :!:



System: windows 7 x64.

PSU: OCZ 700w


In this forum there are many similar posts w/o without solving the problem:mad:: :!: :!: :!:


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This is all we get is check back next week? I purchased 2 of these drives firmware 5.20 is junk & my system is offline until this is fixed. These drivers should of never been released. Please get your stuff together so i can get my pc working again.


Corsair GS 240 Firmware 5.20 x2

Drives unable to use ahci or raid drivers. Firmware 5.20 has issue's with my motherboard's chipset.


Corsair Tech service claimed they have new firmware but is in testing phase.


How much longer do i need to wait to get my computer online? No i do not want them to send out another drive. I want the one i purchased. Hurry up and fix firmware.


Very fustrated with corsair staff at this point.

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I wonder if my problems of not booting (but being seen in the BIOS) are the same. I have 5.20 on one system but 5.07 on another (which says there is no update). These are identical drives with different firmware and 5.07 works great but 5.20 is hit or miss.
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Well, the drive that I was having trouble with happens to be one of the ones that they released firmware for.

The same exact model but 10 months older is not shown in this batch of firmware but should be available in a future release. I don't understand how they are so different but as I don't need that one updated, I can wait.

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Odd, since the firmware update last night, the only thing I've done is watch tv on the system but twice, when it was in sleep mode, it powered off completely. I've done nothing else with the system and it's not done this before the firmware update and I have no reason to believe it's anything else but the update that causes this. Guess it's too late as I can't go back but I'm hoping it's out of beta and fixed soon as I have this set to record tv for the whole house and it turning off by itself just won't work.
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