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Original H70 please help for socket 2011


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Hello forum, I was finding several old posts on this topic but each were inconclusive.


I am trying to findout if there are special screws or mounting hardware available to go from original h70 1366 socket cpu cooler to socket 2011 x79.


I currently bought a socket 2011 motherboard x79 and tried installing it and the screws are too small. Searching i found threads that said there was a bracket kit available but when i read the description i see its only for h70 rev2?


I think RamGuy had posted trying to help but it was difficult to see a conclusive answer. He said there was one under the cooling accessory s on the corsair site but when i look at it the description says h70 but later says h70 rev2, and also the picture of the bracket looks like the one i have already...Did they post the wrong picture on their store?


Hope to hear back soon, hate to have all this hardware laying around and no use..:eek:


This is what i need can someone help me...found in these pictures







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