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H100i pump noise & firmware Update


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I just received an H100i as a replacement for my H100 with a bad fan controller.


The pump is making quite a bit of noise so I'd like to try a firmware update.


The problem is that I have 8.1 and the cooler is not being detected in the link software.


As a result I can't update the firmware. It's possible I already have 1.07 but I'm unable to check. I tried the registry edit and it did not work. After multiple reboots/link reinstalls/registry changes I cannot get the H100i to show in the link software.

What is the ETA on the 8.1 compatible Link software? This H100i has gimped my system OC as the default fan profile is too passive! I'm hitting 80c and the pump is increasing speed but the fans do not.

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