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Voyager Air FTP Server?


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First post here!

I'm looking to buy a wifi disk, and the shortlist is the Voyager Air or the Seagate. The Voyager looks to be better than anything else on build, battery, and the Ethernet port is a bonus, BUT - it appears to not have FTP.


We use AVPLAYER on the ipad which has great streaming support using FTP, and use this locally to our NAS's, so the WIFI disk is for when we are on the road. I'm reluctant to have to install different media player on the IPAD so the decision is leaning towards the Seagate because of the FTP support. I note that DLNA support was added recently and wondered if FTP is in the pipe? Or any other way to do this?


I figure it will also be useful for the camera to upload using FTP to the disk also without the hassle of going via the PC.

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