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Asus Gryphon & CMY16GX3M2A1866C9


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I bought some Corsair Venegnce Pro Silver. 2 packs of dual channel for a total of 32Gb. This was on my motherboard memory QVL, although I have since found out I should have opted for a quad channel kit.


However, even in dual channel mode, the memory still doesnt work properly.


The memory in question is CMY16GX3M2A1866C9, rated for 1866 @ 9-10-9.


The motherbaord is the Asus Z87 Gryphon.


I can set the XMP Profile and speed and indeed it shows as 1866 in the UEFI setup screen, but regardless of which OS I use, it only ever presents to the OS as 1333 speed. I have tested this on Windows, Linux and even OSX.


Asus say this is a ram problem and nothing to do with the motherboard, but I have no way of finding out for sure.


Any thoughts anyone ?

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Hi gryphon, please make sure you have the latest BIOS for your MB and then enable the XMP profile, set the memory voltage to 1.55-1.6v and lets see what happens there.


Just a heads up, it's very possible you have two kits that just don't play nice together. Corsair does not suggest ot support mixing memory even if they are two sets of the exact same memory. But lets see if adjusting the voltage makes any differnce first and we can go fromthere.

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Hi there,


Thanks for the reply.


Yes I have the latest bios for my motherboard (1603) direct from the Asus website.


THe XMP Profile 1 is selected and the voltage is correctly detected at 1.5v which is what the memory is rated for.


I understand about mixing 2 x dual channel kits, however this happens even when using a single dual channel kit, I have tried both of them separately and still get the same result.



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Yes, please set the memory voltage to 1.55-1.6v. Yes the memory is rated for 1.5v but depending on the system and overclock some adjustments may be necessary for stability.


If that doesn't work then please test each module with memtest for a minimum of three passes or until you get an error. this point out a bad module pretty quick.

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