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BIOS Reads RAM Slots As "Abnormal"


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I first came upon the issue shortly after putting this system together and windows only recognized 24gb (32 installed) of ram in system info. BIOS only recognized the same.


I'm using a P9X79 WS motherboard, Intel 4930 2011 6 core processor, 8 sticks of 4gb corsair dominator 2000mhz RAM. 1300 watt evga supernova power supply.


After further investigation (I've tried every remedy from resetting bios, removing the battery, flashing the newest version, trying ram one by one, etc.) I discovered in bios that channel C (slots c1 and c2) are read as "abnormal" indicating a RAM error.


However CPU-Z shows that the quad channels are working fine, and still shows 32gb of ram in working order. I don't think there are any system limits, as I'm using windows 7 ultimate.


The whole system is brand new. Any reasons why it might be doing this? Someone said the cpu pins on the board being bent could be the issue, so I checked that as well. No go.


Intuition would say the board is screwed up, however all these components are new, and there are numerous people on the forums with the EXACT same issue (non solutions). What are the odds every one of them got a messed up board out the box?

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