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900D - A Beast with a few flaws


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Hello everybody, I have visited this forum a couple of times but since I just realized that the majority of my products are Corsair (seriously, had no idea untill yesterday when I counted them :biggrin: ) I decided to register and share my thoughts.


Corsair has that quality feeling that I am always looking for when buying products, in general Corsair's products feel very sturdy and reliable.

But as with all mass produced products I guess there will be a few that are, well slightly below the average if that is a correct term to use.

In Sweden we call them monday specimens.


So a month ago I put down an order for a 900D case.

I was so sick and tired of my Antec 1100 due to the fan noise I had to put up with.

I wasnt sure the money was well spent since the 900D is very pricy, and I have to say I'm still not sure if it was a wise investment or not.


I'm currently loving it, it's amazing to work in considering the amount of space it has.

Everyone say it's big in the reviews and it sure looks big when you see pictures of it, but it's MASSIVE when you have it right infront of you IRL.

Seriously massive!


So I got the delivery, I was really excited that it was finally here right up to that point when I was about to cut the tape and I heard the sound of metal "clunking" in the package.

Kept on going with opening it and I found that both side panels were off, I thought it was supposed to be that way and continued unboxing it. No biggie I thought.


Both of the bottom side panels were open, the left side was barely open but the right side one was completely open and when I put the case down on the table after lifting it out of the box the right side bottom panel was actually under the bottom of the case!

The hinges were bent out of shape and the instant I noticed it I tilted the case and tried to get the panel on the right side up and it came off.

This right here is something that shouldnt happen on a 459$ case.

Since they are only held in place by small magnets I think they should be taped to the case, not to side panels above since they clearly wasnt on the case when it was delivered.

If it was the girl that delivered it not being carefull with it or not, I dont know. But it shouldnt happen either way.


I got my tools out and managed to bend the hinges back in shape and I got it good enough for the panel to fit on the hinges and to close, but sometimes it pops open I guess it's still enough out of shape in order for the magnets to let go every now and then.


Yesterday when I removed the plastic wrap from the left top panel window I found a massive scratch, I thought it was just an airbubble in the wrap but turns out it was a scratch.


And I knew even before buying this case after watching numerous reviews about the case that the HDD mounts were abit.. cheap.

But holding them in your hand it honestly feels whatever the definition is of something worse than cheap.

The plastic HDD mounts are honestly garbage for a case of this price.

I would rather just screw them directly to the HDD cage to avoid these plastic mounts.


And what about that top vented panel?

In order to fill my loop I have to remove the top grill and I found that it feels very poorly made because mine is bent and it's a struggle to put it back on.

I can understand that with time it will get out of shape, but mine has only been of two times total. Once when I first got it and one time later when I was filling the loop.


The rear 140mm fan is making some really bad noises, it doesnt matter what RPM it's on it sounds horrible to be honest.

Not that it's a big deal since I got a 480mm rad in the bottom of the case and a midplate to divide the bottom from the rest of the case so the only fans I have running while using the PC are 2-4 Noctuas on my rad.

But if I wanted to have some kind of airflow in my top compartment it would be nice if the 140mm fan in the back didnt make a horrible noise. The 3 included 120mm front fans dont make any noise they work perfectly.


My intensions of this thread is to give some critisism and my thoughts on the case after a month of use and I hope that it will come in handy if there is an updated version of this case released later on or for future cases like this.


As I said, the case in general is amazing I highly recommend it to people on other forums that are looking for cases that would be good for a custom loop, but there are a few things I think need some work as they dont belong in a case of this price.

I will proably keep this case for 5 or more years and just keep adding more awesomeness to it.


Next project is to engrave my dads name to the front panel, hopefully it's going to look sweeeeet. And put in a white ledstrip, it's super dark in there and I need something to light up my PC during the winter.


/Rant over! :biggrin:

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