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H100i profiles


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I just put together my system and am having difficulty with the H100i connecting to the Link software. I did manage to get it connected and set up the balanced profile instead of the default fixed RPM for the fans.


I was wondering if those settings are saved to the cooler, and if I only need Corsair Link to make further changes.


I rebooted after the first time the H100i was detected, and the RGB setting was saved. But when I got to windows, Corsair Link wasn't detecting it. I finagled with it and got it detected again, and noticed that the fans were still on the balanced profile.


My computers tend to have long uptimes, so it will stay detected for quite some time, but when it comes time to reboot, I don't want to mess around with the system to redetect it. If those settings are saved, I won't have to.

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