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R6025 - pure virtual function call


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Hi. I installed to 2.0.16 drivers and immediately stated getting the above MS C++ error when exiting Skyrim. I did some research and found all kinds of solutions like reinstalling the affected app (not an option due to many mods and being way deep in the game), to running a reg cleaner (which I did, but it didn't work), to a System Restore to a point before the issue started (which I also did).


The System restore thing did fix the problem... by removing the Corsair driver and restoring the Razer Synapse software I had previously installed (because the Corsair 2.0.06 drivers were just bad).


So now with problem completely fixed, I decided to uninstall the Razer software and try the Corsair 2.0.16 drivers again... and bang! Immediately ran into the R6025 errors again.


So I think it's pretty conclusive at this point... the problem here is the Corsair driver.


Has anyone else run into this? Do the Corsair driver devs know about it? Is there a fix?


If not, do they read here, or do I need to do something else to alert them to the problem?





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Do you have the latest DirectX and Visual C++ Redistributable?

Have you tried the Beta 2.0.19 drivers?




Yes (although the redistributables for this game are actually not the latest from MS... DX9, DX10 and C++ 2010).


I have not tried the 2.0.19 beta because it wasn't clear if this was just for Win8.1. I'm running Win7 x64.



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