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Corsair TX750W random shutdowns


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This is the 2nd time I'm trying to post this thread, before my PC shutdown. I have a 2-year old TX750W. Lately, the PC shuts down randomly , sometimes even when idle. The power just cuts off , there's no BSOD. I suspected it was a Win7 issue, so I formatted the PC , but the shutdowns continue. Ran memtest86 on my 2x4GB DDR3 sticks , and no errors there.


Yesterday, I disconnected the PSU and blew some dust out. The PC ran fine for a few hours without shutting down. Today morning, the blasted random shutdowns started again. Can anyone please tell me if my PSU is kaput and I should RMA?


Here's my PC config:


Intel Core2Quad Q6600

GigaByte GA-G41M Combo motherboard

2x4 GB DDR3 Corsair

Geforce GTX 560 Ti

Coolermaster Gemini II-S cooler

1x200GB HDD, 1x250GB HDD, 1x1TB HDD (all Seagate)

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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I have been having the exact same problem for the past month except my TX750 is like 4 months old. Everything will work fine for days and then it'll crash and restart over and over. Sometimes the crash happens 10 seconds into Win7 load, other times its minutes or hours later while cruising the web or playing on Steam. The situation doesn't seem to matter and it'll restart until I turn off the PC or it asks to restore. Grrr.


I've read on other forums posts here to use 3DMark to test that the fan is working under stress as it will only turn on when needed. I tried this today and it would only jitter a little for most of the test, no spin. It was only when I got to the Fire Strike Graphics 1/2 test that it turned on. Fan wouldn't spin on start of PC either.


My temps have been running around 28-32 degrees.


Posting here in the hopes to combine our efforts since we're having the same issue and rules state no new/duplicate posts.

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After some extensive testing, I noticed that whenever my HDD does some intensive task, the PC powers off. I've observed it whenever I try to open a very large video file for instance (1.8GB)with VLC.


In safe mode though, the PC has never shutdown when doing intensive tasks, including the above mentioned large video playing. Odd... Could a failing hard drive actually cause a power loss?


P.S : HDD having win7 is fairly old, circa 2005

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???! Please post your dump file so it can be properly analyzed.


Not required.. borrowed a PSU from a friend. It runs fine without any problems. Will be RMAing this one. Thanks for all the help.


Also, there was a singledump file of size 284kb. I used the tools you linked, it showed an error in Msiexec. Its not related at all. Keep in mind,my PC just powers off, there's no BSOD. Eventlog shows event Id 41 (kernel power off)


Seems like the TX has difficulty when GPU load demands increase. Running furmark on the GPU confirmed it. Halfway across , the power trips.

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