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Vengeance 2000 dead + broken frame *resolved*


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Hey there,


Just wanted to say that I had a V2000 headset with the amber charging light problem a few months ago (as described here). Letting the battery drain completely and then charging it solved the issue back then.

However, the other week the headset wouldn't turn on at all and did not even present an amber light when trying to charge it for any amount of time. Upon inspection I also found that the frame was cracked (as discussed here), which puzzled me a lot.


Fortunately the RMA was easy to do and quickly approved. The whole thing took about a week from RMA and shipping before a replacement arrived via UPS. In my experience, that is excellent and efficient.


Thanks to the forum and the moderators, I was confident returning the product even though it had to be shipped to The Netherlands (as I live in Europe), which is a little pricey.

Overall I am very happy with the Corsair products and customer service, so I hope anyone with similar issues can get them resolved as quickly and easily.


Thanks again


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