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My first H60 - Some silly doubts


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Hi there guys!


I'm new to watercooler stuff, so I got this H60 yesterday and it's the first model I've ever laid my hands on and I'm not fully aware on how things works with it.

My motherboard has the 4-pin connector to the CPU cooler and an extra 3-pin to any 3-pin cooler, the thing is, the pump cable (3-pin) isn't long enough to reach the 3-pin connector on the far side of the motherboard, so I'll have to connect it to the 4-pin connector near the CPU socket, which I know it'll work just fine because the installation guide says it's ok, but since I'll be using the 4-pin connection to the pump, I'll have to put the cooling fan for the radiator at the 3-pin, but this cooler that cames with the H60 kit is a 4-pin cooler, my doubt it: it'll work ok? or this cooler will not work because it really needs all the 4-pins?


Another doubt:

The installation guide says it's better if I put the cooler as an air in-take, but my HAF XB has two huge fans in front, sending cold air to the inside of the case, I was wondering if isn't better if I put the radiator cooler on the back throwing the hot air off my case while the two 120mm in front of the case pulls the cold air inside? If I do it that way I'll face problems with the cooling system?



I know these might sounds like silly questions, but it's the first time ever i'll attempt to install a watercooler and since these are quite expensive here on Brazil I don't want to mess it up, so I'll be really happy if anyone can help me with this :D

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The 3-pin fans will work OK when connected to a 4-pin motherboard header. Just make sure that the orientation of the "keyway" mechanism is mated properly.


As far was which way your wind blows, either way is OK and, at most, there would probably be only a couple of degrees C differential. Do what seems logical to you and you'll be fine. You can switch airflow direction if you are interested as well.

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