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Custom Cable Price Doubled Overnight?!


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I cannot seem to get a reply from Corsair CS.


Last week I found what I hope will be the last (yeah, right!) upgrade to my new build. A set of blue, individually sleeved psu cables (pt# CP-8920046) and the same for the 24 pin ATX cable (pt # CP-8920054). I want to use these to replace the hideous black "flat" cables that came with my new RM750 (they claim these make for easy cable management...NOT!).


So, over the past weekend I repeatedly looked at these cables on the Corsair site and they were priced at $40 and $10 respectively. I was torn between going blue (accents the other colours in my case) or just black. As I was away from home, I decided to wait til I could have one more look at the case. Arriving home very late Monday night, I took another look in my case.


Blue. Definitely blue!!


Tuesday morning I open the corsair site, log in and open my shopping cart where these items (at $40 and $10 remember!) had been residing since Saturday.

But WAIT!!!..What the ?..these items are now at $80 and $20 !!


So, I called (yes, telephoned - I'm a bit old-school sometimes!) Corsair and after the inevitable 30 minute wait got a very pleasant live body. I explained my concern and was told that the individual who could best help me was out of the office for about an hour, but that they would contact me to see if they could help. I left my contact info and began my patient wait.


As Wednesday night rolled around, and I had still no word, I did the on-line email inquiry from the customer service page...which promised a response within 24 hours when I clicked "submit".


As of today (Friday) there has still been no response, so I did the email thing again. Still waiting....


What ticks me off most is that there was no indication on the Corsair web site that there was a "Sale" or "Promotion" happening. Nor was there any kind of special sale notification on the product listings over the weekend...which is why I chose to wait for one last look to be sure.

I don't understand how they can sell these items for $40 and $10 on Monday, but then demand $80 and $20 the very next day since it was NOT advertised as a special sale or promotion.


I guess at this point I'm more disappointed with the lack of response than I am about the price bump...after all this is cosmetic not functional - I can do without the pretty blue cables! But after having spent several hundred dollars on Corsair products in the last couple of weeks (650D case, RM750 PSU, H80i cooler, assorted AF and SP series fans)(oh yeah...that special secret dongle and cable to allow my RM750 to "talk " to the Link software!), I expected better from CS...and am concerned how I will be treated if I have a real problem going forward. Why does it take almost a week for a reply...even if it's a negative one?


So far I am unimpressed...

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When you looked at the prices at $40/10, there was a sale. The sale ended and they went back to their normal prices. IIRC all pages under the sale automatically have text in red at the top stating that there's a sale.


I saw no "red text" on the listings for either of these...and I looked at these items repeatedly over a few days. Ok, I'm getting older and maybe my eyesight isn't what it used to be...hmm


If Corsair was promoting a "Black Monday" or "Cyber Friday" or whatever promotion, then I give credit to them for being the most subtle of all the merchandisers on this whole inter-web thing.


Still - my phone contact with CS on Tuesday produced no response, same with emails on Wednesday and today. Only when I turned to the forums do I get a reply (for which I sincerely thank you!).


It seems to me that there should be something that Corsair could do for me to mitigate the difference between what should be a $50 order to what is now a $100 order...considering the investment in Corsair products I have recently made as outlined in my OP...and considering my efforts (to no avail) to resolve this through "normal" channels.


Or is this the end of the love affair with Corsair that I though was beginning to bloom...?

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So...is there even a remote possibility of issuing some kind of discount for these items? Kind of "throw the dog a bone" thing? Or is Corsair simply ignoring me in hopes I will just go away?


Considering I have made 3 attempts to make contact with Corsair on this matter since last Tuesday, and (apart from yours, Technobeard) have had no replies whatsoever, I am beginning to think this is the case.


I certainly have other options to achieve the look I want...such as a series of BitFenix Alchemy extension cables. Though this will require more "strategic" cable management behind the mobo tray, it can be done at about half the cost that Corsair currently wants for its cable package.


Please let me know if Corsair is at all interested in retaining my continued business for this and other planned upgrades (memory, for example, which is next on my list), or if they would prefer that I move on to other suppliers.

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What?? You mean to tell me you don't work 24/7? ;)


I'm not trying to give you a hard time, Technobeard...I'm just frustrated with the lack of response from CS. Perhaps you could pass my concerns on to them?


Thanks again for your replies.

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So, after a week and another phone call (this one producing results!) my issue has been satisfactorily resolved.

Thank you, Technobeard, for your replies to this thread.

Thank you Bien in Customer Service and to Harold (on-line store) for resolving this matter.

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