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Vengeance 2000 Acts like it's bricked


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Hello! This issue has happened once before, and I managed to resolve it after a week of agony. I'll start with a picture of the headset to show you how it is acting:


Main blue light and orange charge indicator are constantly lit. The light on the USB dongle is also constant blue, pushing the pairing button or plugging it in has no effect.


The first time this happened the headset was only a few weeks old, I didn't want to potentially hurt the battery so every night I plugged it in so it could charge. On the fourth day of searching for a solution I forgot to plug it in and therefore it discharge and was completely dead the next day. When I then plugged it in I heard several standard Windows disconnecting and connecting sounds and voila! My headset was back.


So, is there an alternative solution to letting it discharge:confused: It is really annoying having to wait 10hrs+ and on top of that having to use my speakers in the meantime.


-Confused consumer.

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