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H100 fan speeding up and slowing down continuously


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Just recently my H100 is speeding up and then slowing down in a continuous loop. When I power my pc up it has always sped up until maximum but then settles after 30 seconds or so but not now. The control hub in the middle doesn't light up properley although there is a bit of light coming through none of the 3 setting indicators light up properly and I cant switch through them.

I have had my H100 for 2 years, will I still be under warranty?

Can I fix this myself and has anyone heard of this problem before?

Thank you!!

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Is that where you press the button of the pump face for 5 seconds? Tried that.

Its a strange one because the moment I turn on my pc all the lights come on for a split second then blink off but we are talking a milisecond. Ty for the reply though.

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