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So i have a faulty PSU (AX 850) and opened a ticket that was late accepted.

I have send my unit to your facilities in Almere, The Netherlands as asked and it as arrived there in 25/11/2013. I have allready asked for an update in 2/12/2013 and no one replied to me.


Today it is 6/12/2013, exacly 10 working days had passed, and still i am waiting for a response. Let me remind you the information you gave me:


Upon receipt, Corsair will verify that the contents of the package match with your original RMA Request and either process your replacement order or notify you of any receipt discrepancy which will affect your replacement order. Allow up to 48 hrs for this process


So why is this taking so long ?


Let me add that i´ve been a corsair supporter for many years, my current system is almost all made of corsair products (case, ram, ssd's, cpu cooler, psu, and even all fans) because you used to offer a customer support like no other brand... are corsair loosing their standards ?

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Update: After finally being able to use the chat support, i have talked to a lady (Jelaide) and this is where i am at:


She said me that my RMA was accepted allready (although it still shows "Processing" in the support ticket").

She also told me that my rma is stuck because the model of my psu is out of stock.


Out of stock... Please someone explain to me how is this even possible. Isnt this model out of production? If so, what am i waiting for exacly ? And how many more time will i be waiting for whatever that is that i am waiting for ?

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Im in a similar situation to you. Sent my PSU (CMPSU-600CXV2UK) and it arrived on the 26th


Asked for an update on the ticket on the 02/12/13 and still haven't received anything back


Cant get chat support working and when i rang them via skype a few days ago I was told nothing more than what is on the online ticket.



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Update 2: I have just received an email saying that my RMA was shipped.

The status on the ticket also says "shipped".


It says nothing more... no explanation wahtsoever, dont know if i am receiving the same unit repaired, a new one, new version, just dont know what im going to get.

Guess i will have to wait and see...


@ hankscorpio, since your timing is similar to mine you should be geting the email soon. Good luck.

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