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Vengeance 2100 white noise


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I recently picked up a corsair vengeance 2100 wireless headset.

I have an Asus mobo, i7 2600k, 2 SSD's Raid 0, GTX 760 4gb, 12gb DDR3 and windows 7 64 bit edition.


The white noise I am referring to is basically a soft constant hissing noise.


-When sitting at the desktop there is no white noise.

-I start youtube and listen to a video white noise is present. I turn the volume all the way down and the white noise is still present. I close the webpage and the white noise goes away.

-I start Teamspeak and when i join a TS server white noise is present. close ts, white noise goes away.


I have tried different drivers and they all are the same. I removed the drivers. White noise is present. Tried muting the mic, white noise is still present. Flip up the mic to mute it, white noise is present.


I have been looking through this forums and have seen a lot of ppl with the same problem but no solution. I feel its due to the permanent low volume microphone check, but I have researched to try to disable it and have not found a solution.


I love the headset and it sounds great in game. But the white noise is starting to give me a headache. Any ideas?

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I have the same problem as you, which is quite anoying since I get a smal headache from it.


But I think the noise comes from when you have to "activate" the speakers.


(and I also have some kind of hum or disturbance in the background while using them. Kinda like a crackling sound. (EDIT: now it's gone somehow ... but the white noise is stil there.))

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I just got a Vengeance 2100 yesterday and I have the same problem. I found this problem on many different forums, so I feel pretty confident that it is a large flaw with the Vengeance 2100s, either software or hardware. It's frustrating me that many different people have this problem and yet there is still no better solution than to keep returning headsets until you have good luck. If anyone has found a solution since the last five months, please post it.
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