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K70, issues / worrying concern before buying.


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I registered on the forum after having some intreset in the K70.


Much to my concern that there have been a lot of people in regards to dying LED's. I am not going to spend $200 on a product and it will be defective sooner or later.


I make this thread not to bash or critisize the company, I own a 650D and I absolutley love it, my next case will be the 750D if the need arises, but to raise concern whether or not I should but the Corsair K70.


If it's needed, I'm referring to the K70 with either Blue or Brown switches.


Please, there are no other keyboards on the market that I want more than the Corsair ones but I don't want it to be bad either.


I do this now before I buy the keyboard because I will not be paying for shipping for RMA for something that wasn't my fault, but alas a manufacturing / QA issue by the company.



I don't even know what I want to hear out of this thread, I don't even know why I am making it to be honest, if there's nothing that can change those LED failures than I will not be buying the keyboard.


So I suppose what I am asking is;

Has there been a fix towards these dying LED's?

Has there been a revision since these issues?

Will I have to pay for shipping if the keyboard LED's die?


I know I need to take into consideration that only people are having problems with products post, not the other way around but still I am paying $200 for a product and don't want to pay anymore for shipping if something breaks on it that isn't my fault and I expect it to work considering the price is higher than any other keyboard like this on the market.

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I would just hold off to see how much the new keyboards will cost that have RGB LED built into each switch.




I'm concerned that they will have issues being a new product and all, this will be a keyboard for the holidays, do I don't want to wait till next year if possible.


Also I take it that means don't get the K70 seeing as though you told me to hold off?

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I would like to know the same thing, I have a K90 from when they first came out, and its working perfect, but I really don't use the G keys so the K70 with Blue switches is looking good to me for Christmas, I have a friend that went though 2 K70's and now has got another brand because of bad Led's. Any info from Corsair if they have a newer batch of the K70 coming with a fix for the led's would be Great!
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