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Corsair Vengeance 1500 V2 Microphone Issues


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Having the same Microphone issues as a lot of other people, really.

I've submitted a ticket with your actual tech support but figured I'd post here too.


Basically whenever the Microphone is activated, by opening a program that can use the Microphone such as Ventrilo, TeamSpeak or even the Windows Sound 'Recording Devices' tab an audible low hum starts up which I can hear if I have no other sounds playing.

Closing the aforementioned programs down stops the hum.


This occurs anytime the microphone is activated for use with any recording/transmitting program, and thus anyone on the receiving end listening to me hears this hum even more because the microphone is picking up the hum it seems to be creating.


I have tried new drivers, old drivers and no drivers.

I have tried multiple USB slots (as a sidenote, plugging this headset into USB 3.0 slots makes my system BSOD), and I've tried a few different computers too.


Everything works wonderfully except for this, the headset has good sound, Stereo and Surround, and is very comfortable, however for my purposes I need this microphone issue resolved ASAP.


Thanks for reading. :)



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