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Grease-Monkeys Air 540

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The dark backdrop against the white border of the SSDs looks really nice and makes the SSD stand out, but if you add the cover, it just seems off to me somehow... I think its the dark > light > dark, rather than a border it makes the white part look kinda out of place and not part of the design if you get what i mean?



Actually I feel the same way,The overall details of the XT really stand out since changing the red to silver and once the Evo's are removed from behind them the lighting will hit the drives much better


and ever since hooded has mentioned the wiring poking thru on my res. cover has made me decide to improve it and only leave the res tube showing...

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Looking good man !


Ever since you made the comment about my wiring showing it has constantly bugged me:D: ,since space is terribly limited and I can reduce the huge amount of wiring then I took the next best option and added to my resevoir cover



Since I put my Neutrons on the Chamber side,it left me with 2 Evo's and no where to put them so I added a Pcie card and got the Evo's in a raid.

This meant I had to paint and redo the rear cover so I decided to make a backplate for the raid card.


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I decided to go in a new direction with my case lighting with my career build:D:

Ill be removing all the current lighting and adding 2 new panels and modify 2 existing panels.

Here is a rough cut of my main chamber panel with 8 leds just tape attached to give a rough idea,this panel with contain a total of 42 leds,The entire build will have 100+ leds,least so far.




Yes the plexiglass has lots of scratches but its being painted my build color

The Corsair will remain clear and will show 3 logo images

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I finished the first part of 4 in my new lighting.

This is the lower main side that was done,while it appears as the usual lighting,look at the 2nd pic and it shows that the ssd and gpu trim actually

light with its own color control...




The wiring strips have their own quick connection for easy removal,the harness for this section consists of 48 soldered points with 2 extra connectors for future expansion...

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Been a while but soon Ill be buttoning up this build as Im finishing up the lighting after making several changes,I also acquired A white air 540 that I'm in the process of making panels for.

Rather than having separate threads I thought Id just combine the two here

Here's what the 540 used to look like...




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Been alot of work making the white 540 with trying to find the spare time

this is a test of panels

while this case only offers space for a few drives,when finished this will have 12,5 3.5 drives,6 ssd drives and a 950 pro for the OS



very soon Ill be doing a total redo on my blue 540 that really sets off the lighting also

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This is the center section of the rear cover which houses the leds and mounts 3 Xt ssd's,a farbwerk for the lighting and 2 Aquaero's for fan control.

I still need to glue the leds around the ssd's and then start mounting the hardware

Once done the leds will monitor every component for temperature.













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