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Its been a very constructive day today,I got my wiring management done today and everything hooked up to be operational.

I got my Aquaero 6 installed and running,the Link Commander didn't want to be friends with the A6 so I pulled them both aside and told them they had to share:D:

Actually I had connected the LC to the wrong header ,that and a couple more issues and both are co-existing quite well together with Cooling chores split between the two.

Several cold boots later and all is well.


Now to install my lighting and panel but that's likely to be done tomorrow.





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Mail that **** to me. 5ghz or none lol. I'll get er there. Vrm prob crap out and throttle while stressing before u get there tho.


gotta start over w/overclock,somehow between getting the wiring done,it set back to factory bios.:(: i did get 4.7 with bare tweaking at low-mid 60's so still have some headroom

i agree n&s bridge are the weak link but couldn't find blocks that i thought

were high enough quality...all mounted flaky...to me

and no.... you cant have it:D:


Little suggestion from me. Take out the cpu block led's. Wire add too much clutter to that area. That's just my opinion.

heh,the Aquaero usb was the last wire to connect,man a real fat cable nearly 3 feet long uuuggh

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I had a little time to work on things so I managed to get the Link Commander relocated and finished up the wiring.

I did a quick ''mock up'' of the panels to insure the wiring and such would fit and while a tight fit,everything lined up good.

below is the test fit but excuse all the fingerprints as the paint shows where ever touched




below is my initial design but had to remake the ssd panel and PSU panel to accommodate the Aquaero 6




now to remove and do the long waited last step---the lighting...

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I don't need to have it. Just borrow for a few days ;P. Then we split next year's prizes hahaha.


you can come down here and tweak it for next years comp.:D:

I was gonna do a final shoot of my chamber side w/lighting but ''I never thought Id say this''

I need to wax my panels first ...:D:

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Id thought about black actually but being the case is semi gloss and I wanted a slick color,I figured it would clash.

I just wish I could take decent pics,suxx for an $800 camera.,but I have low led lighting in my home,bad for pic taking I guess

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I have pics Id like to share of the CPU and Chamber side of my Air 540

This build for the most part is done with the exception of displaying 3x Ssd's in a Raid setup on the chamber side.,the ones I have is a fugly mis-match...

If any one has any questions regarding this build,just let me know as I do have hundreds of build pics if interested...


Starting off is a pic of the two controllers used in this build


a Link Commander [original] with 2 cooling nodes and 2 light nodes





and an Aquaero 6

both are working well together




















































































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Looking great man. Love how u added the beauty plate to the inside of the rear panel with only the 120mm fan cutout. Only suggestion I have is make that 3rd ssd Samsung as well, for consistency of course, and custom sleeving on that psu. Not only will it really clean up that inevitable nightmare that must be sitting beside that reservoir but it'll look so friggin good on the other side as well. So nice tho definately jealous. I was kind of like �� with the dark blue at first but looks so good now. You did so much of it the dark blue it flows really well.
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Thx for the compliment Hood and I too had reservations with the dark blue clashing with all of the black which is why I added the extra panels and I think this helped it come together.Of course once I add the dark blue fan covers everything will come together even more so.

Initially I was going to display 3 Evo's but the color is off and bland looking and the chamber side really needs theme matching ssd drives to set the chamber side off.

I have a few models im eying and fortunately the lack of funds gives me ample time to decide...:D:

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Been much too long finishing the last 2 steps of this build,the fan cover and adding the same ssd's on the chamber side

Ill be slicing the fan holes tomorrow and finishing it to get it ready to paint and hopefully the weather eases up so my 1tb samsung evo will get delivered tomorrow.

Im currently running the first gen link commander and an Aquaero 6 xt and was so impressed with the A6's fan control,im having a Aquaero 5 being delivered to complete fan control.

Also having a mini commander being delivered to manage the light modules ,,eventually that is as that order has been processing for 3 days now :confused:

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The weather has kept me bogged down as usual but I did get the mounting points for my fan covers done which has made me anxious to smooth things out and paint.

The fan covers lock at the lower front,connect together at the top front and snap in place at the rear which will not require any screws.






Here is a plexi plate made to attach my Aquaero 5 and sitting comfortably next to a new arrival- the Commander Mini

Hopefully these 2 will play well with an existing Aquaero 6XT,making a total of 3 controllers total being used in this build

Overkil-yes but fun never less



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Here were taking out a Original Link system

that has served me well for nearly 3 years

and replacing with the Commander Mini





Here were connecting/testing the A5 and A6 followed by the CM .

Ill be testing things for a few days

before buttoning things up but as of today

all 3 controllers are performing very well together...



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I have my new XT drives placed over my evo's and trying to decide if the XT looks better with or without the trim ring

Can someone make up my mind?;):





First off, absolutly love this build, really great work!


As for the SSD's, as much as the covers look really good before the drives are fitted, I would lean towards not using them.


The dark backdrop against the white border of the SSDs looks really nice and makes the SSD stand out, but if you add the cover, it just seems off to me somehow... I think its the dark > light > dark, rather than a border it makes the white part look kinda out of place and not part of the design if you get what i mean?


Either way, love the build :)

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