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High tech tools? You mean a screwdriver? :bigeyes: Nice radiator paint by the way.


:D: actually not far from it

while i have friends that could do most anything,i couldn't really call the work mine

so i was limited to tools associated with mechanics/body work.

this little update below is my ssd panel which will house my 2 Evo's,

which other than a couple little defects that need fixed,its ready for my scheme color.

the panel to the left needs 1/8'' trimmed from the right so both panels will mate up,,

i took my measurements to cut out my storage ssd and cooling led panel


these are 2 out of 5 pieces being used on the chamber side.

the tools used to make these panels include a cut off tool,a couple pairs of clamps,2 hammer's [metal and fiberglass mallet,a vise and several pieces of steel of various sizes and thickness to help make the bends.












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I had a few extra minutes at work today so I decided to get panel #2 cut out,Im actually beginning to see noticable progress on the chamber side.

hopefully it will be finished by next week when the rest of my fittings arrive.

finished or not ,it will be put on the back burner so I can get it under water as air blows:D:

anyways heres where Im at as of today...


the pics with circles and rectangle added are areas to address but wont be seen once mounted

as like the ssd their just placed for panel measurements...


there will be 3 ssd's showcased on this side

mix matched brands unfortunately but the sweet Neutron's were out of my dwindling budget



































here is a first cut of the PSUpanel



laying it in to get some final cuts


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this is rapidly turning into a long career build :D:

yet another small set back as i had to lower my pump res bracket 3/8'' in order to utilize the fill port so i decided to check how well these temp sensors performed fan curves with the Link Commander

worked great!



however using these would require using a t fitting so i bought the following temp sensors that also work quite well with the Link Commander



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I use those Phobya Inline Sensors on the input and output of the radiators to obtain a Delta temperature which controls the fan speed.


I've found them very accurate and consistent, as far as 10K probes go.



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I use those Phobya Inline Sensors on the input and output of the radiators to obtain a Delta temperature which controls the fan speed.


I've found them very accurate and consistent, as far as 10K probes go.




i wish id checked better then i wouldnt have a extra set of sensors :o:

oh well,anyways i took the 540 off air support finally yesterday and installed the cpu and gpu block.

im glad i decided to mount the gpu and test it before doing the tubing as a small piece of clear covering was overlooked on a memory chip,,talk about screwing up the video

but thats ironed out,now to get the time to do the tubing

as luck would have i got the go ahead to repair a 2014 hyundai with the side wiped out so ill be tired for the week..

so george where are we on the 900?

probably lapped me again on my build:D:

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Actually I finished the build yesterday. Awesome results. 32*C idle CPU temps with an ambient temp of 27*C. Ran PRIME95 for an hour to see how things would hold. Stock clock temp was 48*C, and all cores were within 2-3 degrees of each other, so I "HAD" a very good 4770K.


This morning, after programming the Aquero and getting the SLI working I rebooted into an Acronis DVD to do a system image of the hard drives. The backup went without a hitch.


Then, when I tried to reboot back into Windows the system will not boot. Q-Code 00 (which is undefined but is normally CPU related). Tore the system back down, inspected CPU socket, removed all peripherals, used one know good stick of RAM in all the slots, and still no boot. Did several USB BIOS Flashes to various BIOS' and it's still dead. Fans run, but no other activity.


I have a cheap i3-4130 arriving tomorrow to determine if it's the CPU or the MB.


Oh well, the build will go a lot faster now that all the tubing is fabricated, and I've had practice installing everything.


So the bottom line is, that I "WAS" ahead of you, and I think I "DID" have a great 4770K.




System Specs are here:


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your still ahead even with the setback,i thought for sure i fried my gpu as it would boot only with 16k color and had terrible lines in it but i got lucky,,bad eyes strikes again:D:

ive only got the tubing and set my panels one last time before painting but work really has me tied down...

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had time for a little bending today and had a little luck with things

ill have to admit if your particular with curves,levelness then things can be a pain:D:


below im content with the gpu tube and rear rad tube[not connected]

but no where near happy with the cpu bends


http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e152/wytnyt123/IMG_3128_zpscf17a5e0.jpg' alt='IMG_3128_zpscf17a5e0.jpg'>

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Taking shape!!!!


If you run out of tubing, I have a box of botched bends in the back room that I can send you. LOL


It gets easier as you do more, I can attest to that. Also learned to leave each end a little longer than needed, and then keep trimming until it is where I want it (length and level).


I'm back up on the new system with a new MB, and doing more fine tuning and cable routing. Found a sliver of metal on the back of the "defective" Asus Maximus VI Extreme MB when I was scrutinizing it before requesting a RMA. Removed the sliver, checked the traces for damage, and I now have a second operational MB. Just what I always wanted, two M6Es. LOL


I have 11 physical and 6 software temperature sensors on the system, which is making it easy to fine tune the fan curves and pump speed for optimal cooling.


With 25.5*C ambient temps I'm seeing a CPU Package temp of 29*. Ran Prime95 for an hour to see how it would hold and maxed out at 49*, so I'm happy. That is with no overclocking. I have a ways to go before I begin playing with overclocking.


Keep those pictures coming.



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my problem is i keep changing my mind,,i had over 3/4 done and one tube was crossing over the memory and had some vertical tubes and some horizontal,the more i looked at it the more i didnt like it.

so i decided to run everything vertical and not cross over any component or interfere with future add on cards.,plus run the tubing to ''hide'' existing wiring


so yeah i ordered more tubing :D:

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i had a few minutes before the burgers were ready

so i thought id take a piece of messed up tubing

and bend it for my flow meter,,unfortunately it was 1/2'' short

as it doesnt center up with the drive bays

please excuse the dust...;):http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e152/wytnyt123/IMG_3130_zps8da99095.jpg' alt='IMG_3130_zps8da99095.jpg'>


being color blind i didnt notice but my tubing is part dark blue/part purple,,

so its back to square one...:eek::eeeeek:

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finally got around to painting my panels,,least most as the pump/res has yet to be made.
















my grand daughter got hold of one panel even after i said not to touch,,since its less than a couple hours of being painted ,ill likely have to water sand the prints out






i wanted my panels to reflect the components around it,,im getting that effect but it isnt a crisp enough image for me.






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we have a change in cooling plans for my build.

the other day my Aquaero 6 arrived...:sunglasse

the same day i received a Link Commander kit...:confused:


while i dont know who sent me this,i would like to express my huge appreciation for the kind generosity,ive wanted to keep all my builds with the same type cooling and now this makes it possible...


and they say Christmas isnt in July :biggrin:


now i can roll on with my build


again,,,thank you sir ma'am...

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I took advantage of having the morning alone and decided to install my Link Commander and setting up my fan curves.


Ive spent the last hour running loads and testing,,,after having to install 1.1.12 on the second node,,,everything is performing very well.

im quite pleased that Link shows my flow meter,,thermals on the tubing and controlls the pump speed via a load curve...

now to install the light node and button it up with my sheet metal...




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:update: August 16th

Ive been playing with Oc settings more while waiting on the rest of the build and have now tweaked settings for a good stable Oc of 4.7 ,after 20 minutes of Prime 95 my highest core hung around 67-68c

I did a 4.8 which only lasted like 3 minutes before getting a blackout so as of now 4.7 appears to be my sweet spot and at any rate it looks like i have a very good chip


now,wheres a little free time to finish this career build...:D:



been playing with overclocking and have my 4930 set to 4.5

a quik Oc without fine tuning the particulars and hung at or below 60c so im thinking i have a good chip for tinkering


seems with me theres always a dis-believer so i made a couple vids


1st vid shows a quik stress with the fans,pump ect at minimum speed with fans hanging @60c



2nd vid shows a fan/pump curve profile but even so the temp reached <60c but still not enough to ramp up the 240 fans

im pleased with the results...



now im getting anxious to fine tune my settings

i just ran a stress of 4.6oc quik set with less than mid 60's



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  • 1 month later...


I added an Aquaero 6 along with my link Commander which included re-doing the psu panel.Ive finally got the res/pump panel made and in the process of finishing the imperfections.I also re-did the Ssd panel for a relocation of the LC module to accommodate the A6.

If all goes well Ill have detailed pic of everything by Labor Day.

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things worked out well,i was a afraid this hyundai was gonna put a kink on painting my parts tomorrow but everything went together well .

of course this customer is a very lucrative customer as his 2014 hyundai has been painted and fixed because of 4 collisions:D:

He is 68 years old with a 28 year old live in girlfriend who cant drive but im thinking she must be worthy in other areas.

anyways,,pics should be up tomorrow.

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Well after countless setbacks from phone calls to not having the proper additives,

I finally got my parts painted but I'm still on schedule:cool:




I decided to let my parts sit on my gto to bake them being it was only an hour since painting,

so decided to take a couple pics.

seems my camera doesn't like my car being white :roll:

so I laid them on another car to take pics but only got one pic---and the battery pooped out..





juiced up the battery for a few more pics,,just need to cut a few dust specks out tomorrow















This is a rough cut of the Res/Pump cover in its crude state initially after being joined...

While having proper tools doing these panels would have been a breeze but I wanted every step to

be done by me,so I was limited to body tools,a vise and steel for straight edges in order to make bends.

Things were much more rewarding knowing only my fingers touched my entire build







Ill post more later

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