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H80i overheat causing autoshutdown


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I have asked this problem in the customer portal with ticket number 6288560 since 3 days ago but haven't had any reply except from the automated e-mail informing 1 day response (which now on day 3).


I installed my H80i earlier this year, few hiccups and glitch but it's okay since the link software and firmware, and installed rma replacement fans.


For months the H80i cooling ability satisfied me... until last week.

My normal idle temps was around 35'c with room temp 28'c, and full load at 52'c at highest temperature using hardware monitor and corsairlink2.

But since I have blue screen in pes2013, I noticed that my idle temp is a whopping 75'c and full load peaked at 103'c before auto shutdown.


Since then, I have lowered my phenom ii 965 oc from 4,2ghz to 3,8ghz.. vcore from 1,4v to 1,35v.. cleaning the radiator gills and replaces the intake fans in push/pull config with a very loud delta fan.

The result still have idle temps at around 53'C and full load at 65'c. H80i temp at 45'c,


Whenever I have my case opened, i could sense by touch that one hose is very hot, one hose is cold, and the radiator as cool as the case (reading the h80i temp at 45'c).


What are the list that could caused this?


Thanks before and sorry for my bad English, because I rarely use it.

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This sounds like the pump may be failing. The pump's RPM speed should be listed in the Link software, or in the BIOS or any other diagnostic tool that reads fan speeds from motherboard headers. If the RPM is not around 2200 RPM (+-50), then begin an RMA.


What you describe is consistent with a failing pump. Water would not be moving through the radiator and spreading the heat through it, but would instead be boiling in the hose at one end. The other hose would be cool to the touch.

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Normally, the hose shouldn't be clogged as the liquid inside is a mix of distilled water and an antibiotic, but it is possible. An air bubble might also be possible. Do you have the radiator mounted at the top of the case or the side? If the side, are the hoses for the radiator coming out toward the top or bottom? If it's the top, then reorient it so that the hoses are coming out toward the bottom.
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Hi... after re-orienting and replacing the radiator to back-side of my case, the result only better by 1-2'c :(


I have a reply from my ticket that says it should be rma'ed also.


Click on the RMA request and got instant approval... check at DHL's website for a quote and they'll charge me USD130 from Indonesia to HK :O

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Hi.. After ringing Corsair's main distributor sale and service rep in Indonesia (DTG), they told me to bring the H80i to them for an RMA.


When I removed the H80i from my PC, the hose suddenly broke loose causing water to flood my mobo.. :( luckily I have disconnect all sort of cable from the backpanels and also unplug the power cord.


Minutes later the folks at DTG received my battered H80i and give me a brand new unit, yaaay :D


Cant help but noticed, that the new unit had different hose.. the new one had sort of pattern in it hose and a wee bit slimmer than my broken H80i.


Maybe tommorow I'll try to install the new unit, and see how it goes...didn't installed it right away coz of fear of residual water from old H80i.

Therefore may I ask a noob question?

Are the liquid in first batch of H80i semiconductive or not?

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