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Help i sent my Headsets for RMA but i have not recieved response from Corsair.


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I sent my Headsets for RMA since the control volument were getting very very hot and was unbereable to use because it was burning my skin so i had to use it with the cord hanging on my other hand. I decided to send it back to Corsair for a checking.


My problem is that the headsets has arrived at Corsair since 2 weeks ago, but i have not recieved a single confirmation of reception even. I sent using Fedex 2 day shipping, with signature confirmation i have the name of the person who recieved in Corsair.


Ok just wondering if somebody could give me a hand, customer support seems to be at vacation rigthnow,they are not answering my updated message in my RMA ticket. Chat is now always disconnected. I'd like to have my Headsets back or a replacement this year is not much problem for you Corsair.


I know i'd had ratter send it back to amazon.com while i could. :sigh!:

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