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H80i/Corsair Link problems, need immediate help


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So I've been having problems with my cooler.


Firstly, Corsair Link (latest version) is not detecting the CPU fans that are connected to the USB dongle of the H80i.


The pump itself is not coming up either.


Sometimes the fans randomly spin up to 100% for a few seconds , then go back to normal.


I've tried the troubleshooting steps in the sticky for problems with detection, didn't help. I've changed USB headers, nothing seems to help.

After updating the FW on the h80i I saw the fans and pump and everything, but after restarting the PC they disappeared again. I've rechecked every single possible cable.



My system specs are :

Z77A-G43 mobo


h80i with 2x Cooler Master 120 Silent White fans

8gb ram

GTX 760

Win 8.1 x64 bit



Here is a video of the problem too -

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsG3E8Vi-RY]Part 1[/ame]


After I updated the firmware and troubleshooting now it does this - (notice how one of the fans doens't even spin sometimes )


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3RHuqV_qes]Part 2[/ame]


CPU Temps are averaging at about 36-40degrees celsius even with the non spinning fan

Any ideas? Please try to help out.. I am getting desperate

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Sorry, but you will need to replace that cooler. It looks like the fan controller failed.


Please use the link on the left to request an RMA.


If the pump is working, wouldn't it be fine if I just buy an external fan controller like this one http://www.netonnet.se/art/dator/komponenter/kylning/flkstyrning/zalman-mfc1plus6channelmultifan/180500.7097/ for example

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Okay, the problem was a faulty fan ( the one not spinning )

Replaced it with an older one and works fine. I worked here and there with Corsair Link and now it displays everything. Seems like a minor crisis was averted.


Thanks for the help - if any mod reads this you can close the thread

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