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Hey guys,


I have got a real problem with my 1500v2. Lets start with what I am used too:


2 years ago I got myself a Razer Megalodon which is great (for someone who never heared real Headphones like me).


Now since I got alot of new Corsair stuff I wanted to give the 1500V2 a try since I read an article in which the guy compared exact these 2 Headsets and said that the 1500 is even better then the Megalodon. So i purchased a pair installed the latest driver pluged em in and.... am pretty disappointed...


First of all they are not loud enough. Secondly after wearing them for about 30 min I start to get headachs because of the high pressure (well I think that this would be handleable over time) but the real problem I have is the Sound.


They guy in the article said that it is amazing watching Bluerays with the 1500 dolby pro logic enabled set to 5.1.. SO i tried it out and the results are terrible. It got even more silent and the sound is worse then if I put that stuff out. Everytime I enable it (in Games too) the sound has an ugly echo. Its like you stand in a big empty room and you hear an echo of every sound that is made... its never cristall clear..


Switching back to my Megalodon is so much crisper and better.. I want to love the 1500v2.. really because I like to stick with one brand at my peripherals but.... Under this conditions I have to send it back.


Any Tips? Or is something wrong with my 1500v2? Regarding to this article it should be really nice and muich better then my Megalodon but in reality it just isnt...



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