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H80i won't be detected


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thats nice software and to think ive been doing it the long hard way.how well does it work?


like a dream lol. it is insanely popular in schools and hotels. get a virus? reboot. if you have the cheap version you must do all updates while its thawed then refreeze it though. if you have the corporate one then you can set it to only allow certain things to change like windows updates for instance or java updates.



to OP try restarting your pc after thawing your system then install link when its thawed. you might need to thaw it and then cold boot to have it register the h80i then install the link software. make sure windows installs its usb drivers for it before you install link (if it asks your to restart windows for something to take effect do it before installing link). when all done don't forget to refreeze it.

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