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H100i + i7 4770K (OC 44x) + Sabertooth Z87 - temp OK for me


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My PC:

1-Case ThermalTake A31 Snow Edition with 2 coolers 120mm original (rear and front) + 2 coolers 140mm internal Coolermaster

1-Corsair PSU TX650M


1-CORSAIR HYDRO COOLER H100i (2 coolers) (coolers air flow IN-TAKE)

1-I7 4770K (in 44x - 1.240v) VID stay in 1.250v and Core +/- 1.278v

1-Gigabyte GTX650Ti Boost 2GB

1-SATA Seagate Barracura 1TB 7200rpm 64MB cache

1-Memory Crosair Vengeance 8GB in 1866Mhz (OC profile)


IDLE: 26~30ºC (pay attention in your temp environment of course)

Windows Profile: Maximum Performance all the time (Software and BIOS Setup)

GAME: AC IV, Batman ArkHam, Tom Raider Survivor, FAR CRY 3 55~60ºC

IntelBurningTest with 4MB Memory test (56-60ºC before test and up to 92ºC in TOP TEST) = success test, Core voltage goes to 1.312v, and VID Voltage goes to 1.294v in 1.265v BIOS Setup


with 6MB I dont test because I have just 8GB


NOTE 1: SPEED MAX for coolers Hydro in AVG TEMP CPU Group

.........same problem with comunication between Win8-64bit and Corsair Link 2.0 software, so, SPEED


........BOMB in 2233rpm and coolers in ~2500rpm


NOTE 2: I changed the paste CORSAIR (original cooler base) for ARTIC MX-4



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I'm guessing you meant to say "GB" instead of "MB." Since it is getting that hot I would imagine the cpu is throttling back. While it might be stable it is because it is dropping the speed to keep the temps in check for you.


The next thing would have been you changed out the paste. The paste on it from corsair is better then the MX-4 is. Don't get me wrong MX-4 is a great compound. But the Corsair paste should be either Shin Etsu variety or Dow Corning paste.


Grab cpu-z and watch the clocks speeds and see if it is dropping in the test. Since you ran Inteburntest by looking at the output score you can tell pretty easy if it was throttling also.

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