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My flash drive suddenly become unredeable and blinking.

Very strange for usb drive that advertised like:


Your files are important — that's why you're taking them with you. Flash Survivor USB 3.0 helps keep them safe. The anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum housing is waterproof to 200 meters, vibration-resistant, and shock-resistant.


So where is my important files now?

Most of files was backuped, but some last I would like to recover.

Is there any possibility to recover it by myself?

Currently flash drive didn't recognized and only blinks. Some times(1 of 20) it recognized and windows explorer shows me size of external drive, but when I trying to explore files windows explorer stucked.



I have the same expirience with pretec bulletproof and all files gone.

At the same time I have old 512mb USB flash drive and its still works.

Am right that all this supar-dupar ultra protected drives are useless?

Why such devices become corrupted? I used my flash drive about year and transfer no more than 20Gb of data. Shame!

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So I start trying to recover my data.

I froze flash drive to -20 and than plug in computer.

And its recognized but file system is damaged.

So I just created an image file with R-Studio and recover all my files.

Thanks god!

But now USB stuck again and I will destroy it.

Maybe my post will help someone who have the same problem.

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