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Hello! I have the same problem as VaticanSIN, except on an AX1200i. Clicks approx. every 10 seconds at zero RPM. Very annoying for a $300 PSU. I already have a RMA for a replacement but I first have a few questions. I have asked same questions via the tech support ticket page but no response.


(1) Will I be receiving a new unit?

(2) I've read of many other gripes just like mine. Will the replacement unit be of a known good lot or at least could it be tested prior to shipping to ensure there is no fan knock at 0 RPM?

(3) Do I need to turn in the whole package (PSU + cables, dongle, etc.) or just the PSU?

(4) Can Corsair cover the shipping charges since this is a brand new defective unit? It's been about 2 months since purchase. It took me that long to receive all the parts for my build and finally run the PSU.

(5) Will the original warranty period still be in effect?



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1) yes

2)you can ask them to test the PSU before they send it out if you wish.

3) Yes, send all cables and accessories. You'll get new ones with the replacement.

4) Generally they will only cover chipping on products less than 30 days, but you willneed to call CS and see if you can work something out with them.

5) Yes. Warranty is from the date of the original purchase.

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