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Corsair Overclocking Guide Part 1: The CPU

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Our very own Dustin Sklavos has started a series of OCing guides. Here's the first one.


A sample and a link:


Overclocking is one of those subjects I’m always a little antsy about with newer enthusiasts. It’s something with a storied history. Way back in the day, from the nineties into the oughts, overclocking was a means of extracting the performance of a higher-specced CPU from a budget model and essentially saving some cash. These days, though, that isn’t the case; while AMD continues to be fairly overclocker-friendly, Intel locks down their budget CPUs and isolates overclocking to specific, more expensive K versions in their lineups. It’s gone from being a way of extracting more value from an inexpensive investment to almost exclusively breaking performance ceilings.




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