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My Corsair Voyager GT 2.0 16Go donn't work anymore with my TV !


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i bought a CORSAIR Voyager GT 2.0 16Go 2 years ago to use it with my Samsung TV UE32D6500 for recordings and timeshifting.

It worked very well for about 2 years.


But one day, the TV claims that the USB support wasn't able to record anything....( the TV uses its own format on the drive)

I format it again with the TV....nothing better.


I really don't know what to do with this problem.....


The USB device works quite fine on a PC (after conventionnal format) BUT the writing speed is about 12,3Mb/s (H2testW) which is far away from the 28 Mb/s written on the box !


Is there any tool available to format/flash my USB drive "as-it-was-at-the-beginnig"?


Any idea on how i could solve my problem...?


Thanks for all your help and advice, in advance...



PS: Excuse my poor 'broken english'....

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