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Clicking Sound from The AX760i


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After I installed all the parts, I did a "self-test" and it worked well.


When I plugged everything into the PSU and try to boot my computer, I could only heard the clicking sound instead of booting.


The clicking sound is more like a bad car starter or a car with a dead battery.


However, when I hold the "self-test" button for 2 seconds, the green light turns on and the computer boots up and I need to keep doing the something every time I boot the computer.:confused:

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Is this a brand new build or have you been using this motherboard all along? If it's a new build it may be the motherboard not getting the PS to turn on properly. Also, make confirm that the power on and reset leads from the case to the motherboard are installed correctly. Also, try reseating the 24-pin cable onto the MB or checking for signs of damage.


If just a PS upgrade, you may want to reinstall your old PS just to confirm everything else is still in working order.

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