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RMA Time?


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Ok now I am really pissed off at Corsair...

first of all your customer support is TRASH

I tried your "online chat" thing for about 3 hours and nothing happened....I tried calling you and was put on hold for about a half hour, I was then directed to leave a message which I would imagine will NEVER reach the ears of a customer service person....this is also the second time I have had to send in the same product for an RMA...I ended up having to buy the same product again and now it works...The RMA I sent in (this is the one I was talking about in the original post) was recieved by corsair, according to the USPS tracking I bought with it, on the 25th of November. My email address has also now been deleted on the Corsair website for whatever reason so I can not even access my any information on my RMA.

Corsair...if you want me back as a customer call me this Thursday (the 5th of December) at 7:00 PM so we can please figure this out.

If you are a Corsair Representative please PM so I can inform you of my Phone Number

As of right now I have absolutely NO PLAN on EVER buying anything from CORSAIR again! Unless I am able to get my RMA back and it actually works this time (And this is after I have spent well over $200 in the last few months on products) I will also be informing several people in the PC world not to buy your products...

Thank You...

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Your email address for your support account is definitely there, and it's the same as the one you used for your forum account. It shows that you haven't attempted to log into your support account since the 26th. Again, please respond back to your ticket with your USPS tracking information.
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So I put my tracking info into the comment section on my ticket, will that work?

Also is there a possiblity that I could have sent a refund RMA that would get some of my money back rather than a RMA that would send me another product? I have not seen any money put into my account that would show that I have been refunded but I thought it might be a possiblity

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