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The day my 1200i went "bang"


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The room needed new carpet.......the computer room that is. Over the years constant use combined with the ever movement of wheels on the bottom of computer chairs had worn it to a threadbare state. One can't complain....it saw out many a computer chair.


The phone call was received that the carpet layer would be around in an hour, so I started the task of removal.


The first task was to turn off the computers. When I came to the gaming computer, I shut down windows 7 64, reached down the back of the TJ 11 and flicked the switch on the 1200i.


There was an explosion. It was like a deafening crack as though someone had fired a rifle in the room. You could have passed a hand under my feet....it scared three days growth out of me. I sat down and gave myself a few minutes to recover and allow the ringing in the ears to subside.


The first thing I did was check the UPS......it was still going...so the fuse to our computer room power circuit had not been thrown.


No time to investigate.....the carpet layer was due in 45 mins...and I still had heaps to remove.


Later......after the carpet was laid and everything was returned to the place it had been some hours earlier (minus the dust), I hit the button on the gaming PC........nothing..ziltch.. dead..... not so much as a light on the Maximus V Extreme was seen.


I remember reading all about this new "digital" power supply, and managed to snag a very early one from Newegg on the 5th August last year when Mrs Mac and I were visiting our daughter and family in MD.


It's been solid, and I have not experienced any noise problems or other worries as reported in this and other forums..... although I did run it as a single rail...and never used the software after the initial week in November 2012.. I found it a bit dinky.


It has run an Asus M5E, a 3770K at 4.8, 16 gigs of Corsair Platinum, 2 x Evga 690 Hydro Coppers and two Swiftech pumps: an MCP35X2 and an Apogee Drive 2, 12 PWM radiator fans and the two large 180 fans that came with the Silverstone TJ 11 case.


I've never seen the cooling fan rotate but put that down to the fact that one of the radiator fans sends air through one end of a 4x120 Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 straight into the fan area of the PSU.


An RMA has been applied for and I have been granted a number........meanwhile, I picked up a PSU today to keep me going and everything fired up beautifully. I'll keep you posted..... Cheers



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Well that's a heck of a bummer! I've never heard of a "bang" when turning something off but there's always a first time. I have the TJ11 case as well and it surely is a beast. Unfortunately, one of my 180 mm fans is groaning quite a bit and there aren't too many fans that size on the market.


Finally, how about a chair pad (thick one, of course) to protect the new carpet? The one I found is over 1/4 inch thick.


Keep us posted.

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I found both of my 180 mm fans made a noise........on investigating I discovered the filter screen below them had warped sufficiently to make a slight contact with the fan impellers. I contacted Silverstone who suggested they were drying out too much and suggested I soak them in water for a while.


It worked for a while...but after a few days the noise returned. To overcome the problem, I purchased a length of 3mm x 3mm brass angle and glued it to one of the plastic cross pieces which prevented the warping... but did not interfere with the slide removal or replacement of the filters.


If this is not the problem in your case..... then you could change the fans with http://www.frozencpu.com/products/16104/fan-1008/Phobya_180mm_x_25mm_G-Silent_18_Black_Edition_PWM_Fan_-_900_RPM_79123.html.


I have two which I intended to use, but changed my mind after I discovered that the fan pinouts on the MVE are not PWM (contrary to Asus' written material such as the manual).


However, I'm sure they could be run via voltage control as well.... such as Fan Expert II

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Wrapped up the PSU in it's original box.... covered it with clear adhesive plastic ...wandered off to the local Post Office and popped the box in the Post to Corsair RMA Hong Kong.


Cost......... $81.40 Postage + $19.60 Ins Total $101:00 AUD


What an expensive exercise!!!

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You're an Aussie I take it (AUD and Hong Kong)?


Thanks for the hint regarding the removable filters. I'll give that a shot. If it doesn't work I will try the fans you recommend (I am assuming they are PWM) or I'll get a couple of AP182s even though they are in white. I like the fact that the APs are ball bearing and I am not sure about the bearing material in the ones you mentioned.


Thanks again.

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