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Corsair 500R missing flat fan screws?


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Hi All!


I just got myself an excellent corsair 500R (see pic below). I'm really loving it!




I have one big problem though.. I'm missing the flat fan screws used with the rubber grommets for the side panel and top panel. I couldn't use the standard fan screws because they don't cling to the grommets. The top panel has 2 areas with rubber grommets for 120mm fans but because my case did not come with the appropriate screws, I had to borrow 2 screws from the rear of the case. Thus, my current configuration now is I have 2 screws for the rear fan and 2 screws for 1 120mm top fan.


My issue is similar to this one: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=98803


I already submitted an RMA ticket requesting for 20 flat fan screws (5 sets of 4). My ticket is 6288725 but I wasn't given an RMA number. I hope somebody can help me out. Thanks!


Edit: Corsair sent me replacement fan scews :)

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pierresalva, really all you can do is wait for them to respond. You should have received enough screws for the three included fans. (12) After that you need to purchase them separately or source them out on your own.


Since your asking for 5 sets my guess is that they may turn this over to sales.

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